About Us

Fuelling the Future

Park Gas is a local independent company and the only UK LPG supplier with the unique ability to refill and even part-fill LPG cylinders on site at your home, unlike the more well-known suppliers such as Calor, Flogas who remove and swap cylinders when your supply runs low.

Our streamlined delivery top-up method ensures that you are only billed for the litres you actually use, so no lost litres of gas when cylinders are swapped over.

We are local suppliers with extensive local area knowledge and offer a unique efficient delivery service ‘from the refinery to your door’ with specialist tankers which can deliver 5 times more LPG than a typical cylinder truck.

This enables us to pass a saving on to you the customer by removing unnecessary cylinder transportation costs, we anticipate up to 20% savings off your current supplier by purely streamlining the delivery method, our revolutionary efficient supply method will ensure an improved effective way to supply your home or business by limiting gas wastage and helping you save money.

Although the delivery method to Homeowners and Business bulk tank customers is the same, the efficient delivery method for cylinder customers reduces our costs across the board so in addition we are able to achieve a competitive rate to supply our bulk customers.

We know how important a seamless, hassle-free service is to our customers, it is our aim to provide a service that helps to reduce heating costs and saves you money.

We are a member of UKLPG the trade association representing companies that operate in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry in the UK.